Welcome To CMAP

The Partnership was formed in January 2012 when the internal audit teams of Derby City Council and South Derbyshire District Council joined together to provide a single service. The Partnership was formed as a Joint Board under section 101 of the Local Government Act 1972 and Derby City Council was chosen to be the host authority. Currently,Partnership triangle all support services are provided to the Partnership by Derby City Council. In April 2013, Derby Homes joined the Partnership. The Partnership has recently expanded to include Derbyshire Fire and Rescue, Amber Valley Borough Council, Ashfield District Council and Ashfield Homes. The legal agreement between the Partners runs for 5 years from 2016 until January 2021.

The governance arrangements for the Partnership are that each partner has a representative from their Audit Committee on the Partnership Board and each partner organisation has equal voting rights. The Partnership Board is the supreme authority for the Partnership.

There is also an Operational Management Board which is led by the Section 151 Officers from each partner organisation.

Our Vision

“To bring about improvements in the control, governance and risk management arrangements of our Partners by providing cost effective, high quality internal audit services.”

Partnership Aims & Objectives

  • Be cost effective for each partner organisation.
  • Constantly strive to improve the quality of the services we provide to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Seek to add value to each of the organisations we serve by improving their governance, risk management and controls.
  • Look to improve the capacity and sustainability of the Partnership through its expansion.
  • Comply with the relevant Standards.
  • Maintain ongoing effective relationships with key stakeholders
  • Ensure that the partnership is appropriately resourced, suitably experienced, and has the skills to deliver the partnership objectives
  • Work in a positive manner alongside partners and clients, supporting them in the effective management of risk and service delivery.
  • Contribute to the development and maintenance of an effective counter fraud culture within each organisation.
  • Contribute to the development and maintenance of an effective cyber security risk management culture within each organisation.


It is our philosophy that by working in Partnership with other public sector organisations in the region we will:

  • Deliver cost savings for all partners through efficiencies and economies of scale.
  • Improve productivity, coverage and the quality of service.
  • Provide sustainability and resilience, ensuring continuity of service delivery.
  • A staff resource that can be deployed more flexibly, with better ability to cope with vacancies and / or ad hoc work.
  • Provide greater opportunities and incentives for staff.

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